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Frequently Asked Questions



How To Get Started With it?

1- Fill the membership application form

2- Choose a subscription plan and connect your website / domain

Why should I use the website manager? > Dashboard will help you to manage and track relevant data such as who is data, SERP, latest content, visitors, goals, outgoing links etc for all your domains and websites from a single source. Additionally, you will get the benefits of managed premium hosting and other > Web Services

How much does the Website Manager cost?

The domain tracker and all other > features including Private Hosting  or Premium Web Services is depending on your chosen Subscription Plan.

Go to our price list for detailed information about subscription plans & prices.

What are your payment options?

We currently accept mastercard and visa along with paypal.


Who can see my domains?

The domain owner and people you share your domain with can access your domains.

During your onboarding, > admins also might have temporary access to your domains. 

Which services and platforms will support?

We are working on supporting all major platforms and services, you can see the extensive list or suggest your own platform and service here.

Can you build a new website and manage it for me ?

Yes, we build sites not just to look pretty, we are creating them to guarantee lead generation.

  • Designed for your target audience
  • Unique url, Whatsapp and phone number
  • Ranking on top of search engines

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is through the contact form below. Also if you are a member you can use 7/24 Help Desk and Priority Support.

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